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Bulk Food Selection is Williams Lake

Sta-Well Health Foods Store offers a full selection of bulk foods in William Lake. From beans and dried fruit to flour and nuts, our bulk section covers many of the common household things you are looking for.

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Beans Weight (kg)
Black Beans 11.34 kg
Garbanzo Beans 10 kg
Great Northern 11.34 kg
Kidney, Red 11.34 kg
Lentils, Green 10 kg
Lentils, French 10 kg
Lima 11.34 kg
Mung 11.34 kg
Navy 11.34 kg
Pinto 11.34 kg
Soup Flakes, Dehydrated 5 kg
Soy 25 kg
Split Peas, Green 10 kg
Split Peas, Yellow 10 kg
Dried Fruits Weight (kg)
Apple Rings Un/Sulph.

5 kg

Apricots, Jumbo Un/Sulph.

12.7 kg

Banana Chips

6.36 kg

Coconut Un/Sweet Shred.

11.34 kg

Coconut Un/Sweet Med.

4.54 kg

Cranberries, Dried

2.27 kg

Dates, Pitted

10 kg

Papaya, Dried

5 kg

Peaches, Dried

11.34 kg

Pears, Dried

11.34 kg

Pineapple Un/Sulph.

5 kg

Raisins, Sultana

12.50 kg

Raisins, Thompson Jumbo

10 kg

Tomatoes, Un/Sulph.

2.27 kg

Flour Weight (kg)
All-Purpose Flour 20 kg
Dark Rye Flour 20 kg
Gluten Flour 12.50 kg
Oat Flour 22.68 kg
Soy Flour 22.68 kg
Whole Wheat -Stone-Ground 20 kg
Baking Powder No Alum 5 kg
GRAINS & SEEDS Weight (kg)
Barley, Flakes 22.68 kg
Barley, Pot 10 kg
Buckwheat Groats 11.34 kg
Cornmeal 11.34 kg
Couscous, Whole Wheat 5 kg
Fermipan Yeast 454 g
Flax Seeds 10 kg
Millet, Hulled 11.34 kg
Oats Old/Fash Rolled 22.68 kg
Oats, Quick 22.68 kg
Oats, Steelcut 22.68 kg
Poppy Seeds 2.27 kg
Pumpkin Seeds 10 kg
Rye Flakes 22.68 kg
Sesame Seeds 11.34 kg
Seven Grain Cereal 12 kg
Sunflower Seeds 11.34 kg
Wheat Flakes 25 kg
Wheat Bran 20 kg
Wheat Germ 20 kg
Milk Products Weight (kg)
Buttermilk Powder 5 kg
Whey Powder 25 kg
Nuts Weight (kg)
Almonds, Supreme 11.34 kg
Brazil Nuts 5 kg
Cashews Lg. Pieces 11.34 kg
Hazelnuts (Filberts) 5 kg
Peanut Butter, Natural 10 kg
Peanuts, Raw or Roasted 12 kg
Pecans, Mammoth 5 kg
Walnuts, Light Halves 10 kg
Apricots 12.70 kg
Flax Seeds 22.68 kg
Kidney Beans 11.34 kg
Millet, Hulled 11.34 kg
Oat Groats 11.34 kg
Oats Old/Fash Rolled 10 kg
Oats Old/Fash Rolled 22.68 kg
Oats, Quick 10 kg
Oats, Quick 22.68 kg
Popping Corn 11.34 kg
Raisins, Thompson 11.63 kg
Rice, Wild 2.27 kg
Rye Kernels 10 kg
Quinoa 11.34 kg
Soy Beans 11.34 kg
Spelt Flour 10 kg
Wheat Kernels 10 kg
White Unbleached Flour 22.68 kg
Rice Weight (kg)
Basmati, Brown, US 11.34 kg
Basmati, White 20 kg
Long Grain, Lundberg 11.34 kg
Short Grain, Lundberg 11.34 kg
SWEETENERS Weight (kg)
Carob Chips 12 kg
Chocolate Chips, Pure 12 kg
Citric Acid 2.27 kg
Honey, Unpasteurized 5 kg
Molasses, (Refined) 25 kg
Sugar, Sweetcane, Org. 25 kg
Plastic Bag Rolls 10.5” x 20”
Plastic Bag Rolls 8.5” x 13”

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