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Keeping yourself in good health is very important. At Sta-Well Health Foods Store, we carry a full line of vitamins and supplements to provide Williams Lake with the nutrients that it needs. Our selection includes Active B complexes, amino acids, chelated minerals, magnesium bisglycinate, Bio-C gel, magnesium powders, gels and liquids, curcumin extracts, allicin, greens, omega 3s and much more.


We stock vitamins and supplements from a variety of brands, including:

Keeping yourself in good health has never been so easy. Just stop by our store and pick up the vitamins and nutritional supplements you need. Our friendly and experienced staff will help you find the products that suit your requirements best. Just talk to us and ask any questions you have.

Get directions to our store and start living healthier today. We will always be happy to see you.

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We are your source for all-natural food and wellness products in Williams Lake and the surrounding area.

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